Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've been working on Stick Pins and trying to come up with pretty designs.  The stick pins are for my family and friends....and for swapping with crafters on YouTube.

I also wanted a unique way to send them off to a special friend of mine and my nieces.    Since this is the Fall season, I thought of a Pumpkin shaped mini-pincushion.

The idea comes from two sources.  A video tour of a fall festival that showed gorgeous velvet handmade pincushions, and Allyson, who hosts a stick pin swap.  She made yo-yo flowers for her stick pins.

After a lot of fiddling and a laughable first try, I got the hang of it and then I couldn't stop making these things!  

Of course they don't look much like a real Pumpkin.  But they'll do the job of safely holding the stick pins while adding a bit of Fall color. 

I mailed the first ones off to the very special people in my life.  I've decided to make more for my pin swaps!

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Emora Designs said...

These are super cute!! TFW!

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