Friday, October 29, 2010


(Mailed Tues, November 2nd)

I completed my sets of stick pins for the swap holted by Allyson (her Blog is on my blog list to the right).  I put the pins in my handmade pumpkin pincushion.   You can get a better view by clicking on the photo.

I hope the ladies will get this by Thanksgiving because I made each of them a tag with ephemera from my collection.

There's so much enjoyment in sharing our crafts with others.   I've been very fortunate to share wonderful items with ladies from the U.S., Canada and Ireland!

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Grandma Bugs Place said...

I love the stick pin and charms. Good ones for sure. Can you tell me what you use for glue on the stick pins? I have some jewelry glue and that seems to work but take a bit to dry and sometimes does not stick very well.

Thank you for posting - I now want to try the charms..would be fun to make for my scrapbook friends for a little Christmas gift..maybe on a book mark.

Marcie and you can also email to

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