Monday, January 3, 2011


My craft stuff had me going nutty!!  It was overtaking my little computer room.  The good news is that I bought two big bookcases from World Market and one is already filled.  The bad news is that one had a broken piece and has to be exchanged  (hopefully they still have one left).   While I'm writing this I am  surrounded by my craft stuff and trying to organize the rest of it!!  Unfortunately, I'm already BORED with it.

So..... to get out of the boredom mode, I've joined three new Charm Swaps.    (Cindy, Allyson and a "partner" charm swap with Regan.  Their sites are listed on my Blog List).    I can also use up my large collection of charms and send them off to the ladies in the groups.


Grandma Bugs Place said...

Organizing - I love to organize. Once done it is nice other than I can't find anything! (smile)

My room is very small, about 8x10, I have it set up about the best that I can rigth now. Would love to re-do many things but for now it will remain the same.

Good luck with your organizing and look forward to seeing more of the charms.

Hugs, Marcie

Terri said...

This is terrific!!!

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