Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When Bunnies Mimic Celebrities!

Even sweet little bunnies are tired of celebrities' shennanigans in the media, so they decided to mimic them with actual quotes from interviews.   The bunnies have taken on Charlie Sheen with quotes from his actual interviews.   I have to say that I prefer the bunnies any day over celebrities!

   All Celebrities should be this adorable!
The bunnies and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Note:  These are not my creations.  I found them on AOL news but couldn't find a link to the originator.


Jan said...

too, too CUTE!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Angie, I love bunnies!!! I am sure you remember all the bunnies you see when you drive down Judge Perez going toward Bayou Road...I always see them hopping around--so adorable!!!

Terri said...

These are too cute for words.
Sheen reminds of the over the top thinking that the cartoon mouse Brain had..from "Pinky and the Brain" ....hmm...It never really worked out for Brain. Even with all his so called superior intellect.

trisha too said...

Funny! These are too cute, PLUS, we have two bunnies that look a LOT like this one!!


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