Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Sister's Love

My sister, Maureen, just had a birthday on Monday.  "Mo" and I are only 11 months apart, but even as toddlers, Mo took the role of protector  (that's Mo and me.  I'm the one with the eyeglasses and hideous squint  ;=))

Mo has also been the most gentle, easy-going, and kind-hearted person I've ever known.   This photo tells the story of our childhood.  There's Mo....holding my hand, and  Me...blinded by the light and so happy Mo is with me to show me the beauty of the day.

Happy 65th birthday Mo!


Grandma Bugs Place said...

That is a wonderful picture! Happy Birthday to your Sister! Love the dresses that you are both wearing.
ps..thanks for the comment on the ice cream has to be the same truck and music for sure that we have...we can only hope for a new one someday!

Petite Michelle Louise said... sweet! sisters are your best friends. i have 3 of my own and feel very blessed. TFS!

Mollye said...

Oh Angie, This little picture is adorable. It reminds me of the little handmade and starched Pinafores my Momma made for me to wear. Happy Birthday to Mo!