Monday, May 23, 2011

An Antique Colonial Cookbook from 1731 - Online!

I was delighted to find this actual Cookbook from 1731 online and we can copy the pages!  The handwriting is lovely and very ornate.  To my amazement, it's also reasonably readable. 

Here's a quote from the "Pickle Cucumbers" recipe (lower right), "Gather the smallest as may bee and wipe them with a cloth.  Put them in a good pipkin."

The cookbook is from the rare book collection at the University of Virginia Tech.   Here's the link:    I've been making journals and booklets lately, so I might make a special one for these pages.


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, Angie, how fabulous!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

What DELIGHT this cookbook find is. I have copied it I hope that is OK...if not...let me know and I will delete it.
Thank you for your advice on my blog issue...but I can't seem to make it work for me. When my grandson comes back home, I will have him take a look at it.

Thank you, Rose

Jacky said...

what an amazing find Angie, I do love old books, and a recipe book wow.
I am afraid I cannot help with your computor prob, I have a love hate relationship with my computor and mostly hate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...

I love that old 1731 recipie book...saved it to my iPad in iBooks....thanks for the link.

Ciao Bella!
Cute pop ups, btw!


Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Oh wow, amazing,thank you for sharing the link to the beautiful book. Have a wonderful day - I love following your blog