Sunday, May 1, 2011

Warning! Email phishing scam from "JHOOS"

Hi everyone.  I wanted to warn you that there's a new phishing email going around and unfortunately it's hitting Bloggers.    I just received one and it simply had the name of a Blogger I know and an invitation to join a group.  I didn't click on the "Accept" or "Decline" button.   But I did google the name of the business with the invitation, "JHOOS."   It's a so-called Social Networking site.    I found many warnings through Google, and they all mention getting phishing emails from JHOOS.  I had the unfortunate experience of getting one like this from my nephew and once I opened it, I saw that the content was Viagra!  These things replicate themselves by attaching to your address book and sending out emails to everyone without your knowledge.  Then it looks like you sent them out.   I awoke the next morning after my nephew's email to see that 35 "Viagra"  emails were sent out by "me" to everyone in my address book, including my elderly aunts and my Pastor!

Sorry for this rambling post, but I just wanted to let everyone know.  So if you receive an email from me and the subject simply says 'HI," please do not open it and do not click on any link.    If I do email you, I will put something more personal in the subject line and will include your name.



Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Angie,
thank you so much for the warning!
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Angie,
Wow, I love this! I hope you had a good weekend...I feel so bad for the people in Alabama...they say it looks like Katrina without the is devastating.

I don't know if there's a women's shelter here or not...the one that the woman Jan is taking the stuff to is up north somewhere.

Have a great day!!