Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Need Advice on Sewing Machine Purchase

I recently decided to get back to sewing.....mainly smaller craft items and the occasional hem.   I did my research and found glowing reviews plus a "Consumer Reports" endorsement of the Brother Project Runway sewing machine.   I bought it and to my utter aggravation, the thread kept jamming in the bobbin.  I'd sew one little muslin bag,  go to do another and the thread would jam again!   No reason or rhyme about it.  I read the manual, looked for advice online and did everything that was mentioned many times.  (adjusted everything, changed needles, rewound bobbins, etc)    It still happened.  I finally returned it for a refund.

I still want to get a sewing machine but I'm really hesitant because I don't know what to get.  Since I just want to do simple stitching, I've limited myself to the maximum $150 range.    To all my wonderful sewing  friends out there, I wonder if you have any suggestions.    

~~~~~~~  Angie  ~~~~~~~


Robin said...

Janome makes wonderful sewing machines. Sears Kenmore sewing machines are made by Janome. I like mine so much, I have 2 :)


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Angie,
I had a Brother too and I loved it, but it finally broke...lol I got a Janome at Hancock Fabrics and it wasn't too expensive..I think we got it on sale...I'd call them if you've got one up there...I went to the one in Slidell...I hope you're having a great day!!
Parish hugs,

Lynn said...

I can't really comment on current sewing machines but I bought a Janome sewing machine in the late 1970s and it did a lot of work up until the mid to late 1990s. It is still working reliably although I don't do a lot these days but it never lets me down

Deborah said...

I bit the bullet and bought a Necchi because I wanted to be able to sew heavier stuff. I think it was about 400 dollars. I did have an older singer I bought new about 14 years ago but I gave it to my mother. It runs quite well too. If you are not comfortable with sewing machines in general you may want to go with buying one from a a local dealer. They may have refurbished machines cheaper. Good luck.

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