Friday, January 17, 2014

Owl Pincushions...for Baby Showers, Gifts, Favors

I've seen owls for quite awhile and decided to put my spin on it by making Owl Pincushions. 

I was able to make the top four with only four sheets of inexpensive felt.   I needed two brown sheets, since the body takes two pieces.   The buttons were from the $1 bins at Michaels and Target.   To make my template for the body, I just traced my hand on paper and worked with it until I got a 3x4" size.  The top of the head is a wide triangle.  I made a template for the wings by putting three pennies together.   They're all hand-sewn.  A real fun project! 

If you need a template, this is mine.  As you can see, it's simple, hand-drawn.  I cut out the pieces on index cards to form a reusable pattern.  This is copied on a full sheet on typing paper.

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