Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tilda Sewing House Kit "Sample"

I bought the Tilda Sewing House Kit recently and decided to make a sample before using the fabric.  I never quilted in my life and haven't used a sewing machine in over 35 years.  So I gave it a shot.  There were a few difficulties, but the biggest was the edging.  I did the best I could.

Mostly the short cuts I had to take were on the front cover.  I couldn't make the extremely narrow pieces for the window and edging for window and door.  I used a button instead of making the round fabric-covered disc for the flower bush.

The inside is pretty much like the pattern.  I didn't use the heart pattern but used a heart is made before.  Also, I forgot to make a strap to cover the scissors to hole them in.  The cute metal sewing machine is from Hobby Lobby's Paper Studio line and cost only $1.50 on sale.  This was my "Student" project.  

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