Sunday, June 6, 2010


 I finally finished a wood "Book" keepsake box for my niece. I made this using one of the unfinished wood boxes from Hobby Lobby.  It's made to look like a book and it has a secret drawer that comes out from the binding part of the book.

I painted it a base mauve color and placed butterfly ephemera on the front.   The only part I had left to do was the most tricky....I had to make the personalized name plate. I typed my niece's name on buff cardstock. Then I used Glimmer Mist to give it color. I then used one coating of Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE), to make it more durable.

This isn't the best of all photos.  I have another one on the right sidebar.  I truly enjoy making these!

HINTS:  (1)  Buy the boxes from Hobby Lobby when they're on sale.  (2) Do not paint on or near the part of the box where the drawer slides into the book part (I learned that the hard way!)

Happy crafting dear friends.

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