Friday, June 11, 2010

Tag Stress??

I'm getting back to my "Tag Swap" creativity mode. At least I'm trying. I knew it wouldn't be easy going into it, but I'm getting goofy now. The themes for the tag can be either "Postcard from Paris," or "Vintage Collage." I decided to do BOTH!! I already have the postcard part done. It will actually be the back of the tag and it looks like a postcard from Paris. The front is what's giving me a bit of a headache. I have lots of my embellishments already done, but according to my sample, I'm "collaging" this tag to death!! I knew what I wanted to be my main background and I love it. It's just the rest of the embellishments that I can't decide.

The other stressful part is that a few of the members already have done videos of the tag they made! Yikes, like I need that pressure. They're all so creative and lovely. I think two are in my group.

Oh well. Everyone has to start somewhere. This is definitely going somewhere......just not sure of my final destination.

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