Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I participated in a Halloween Banner Swap in which each participant had to make one letter.   The finished banner would spell the word "Halloween."

I received my Banner today so I couldn't wait to hang it!  Each of the ladies in the swap did an outstanding job.  We had an international group, with one from Canada and another from Ireland.   Such wonderfully detailed work.  These women are not only very talented but tremendously generous too.   We all received "Treats" with our letters.  

This was so much fun.   I am particularly thankful to Marie Pavitt (her blog is on my list to the right).  She was our swap host and handled everything.

As you can see,  I am truly a "vintage" collector.  These are all reproductions of American designs.  My sister and I actually had one of the paper mache Jack-O-Lanterns when we were kids.

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