Monday, January 31, 2011


This is my latest project!  I've been making "Flower Pincushions," as gifts for friends and family.  Every part is handmade including the flower.  The pincushion  part is velveteen.   The top is satin.  I truly enjoy making these because I can sit down and sew the pincushions by hand.  That part is quick and easy.  It's the flowers that are a challenge.  I cut multiple size rounds, then burn (yes, burn) the edges to get them to curl up.  Then the top and bottom are hot glued together.  You can't tell but the flower actually sits up a bit which I think looks cute.
After all my (duh!) whining about not being able to use my camera with this new computer, I realized I can.   Like I stated before, my old brain can't automatically figure out these new contraptions.

Have a lovely day everyone.   Later Gator!

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Grandma Bugs Place said...

Those are so nice. Can't you just see them on one of the Queens hats!

Thank you for the nice comments on my blog. You asked for an address and I can give you that but do not know how to access via You Tude.
This is my email if you would like to tell me how to do that.

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