Saturday, November 20, 2010


Yes, it happened this Wednesday.  Even though I had all the indications, I still called Comcast to have the technician pronounce it.  My computer was dead.  I will buy a new one, after Thanksgiving and after the "Black Friday" craziness.  I can't stand huge crowds and am afraid to be stepped on  (I'm only 4'10").   

I was going through computer withdrawal, so my Sis took pity on me and let me use hers to get caught up on my email and posts.  Actually she didn't want me to whine anymore (just kidding). 

I'm working on my crafts and have an exciting new project.  The craft items are turning out so well that I'm happy.  It's unusual for me to say that because I usually second guess myself.  But they will be gifts and stocking-stuffers.

Til later.......Have a wonderful day.  Hopefully I'll post before Thanksgiving.  If not .....I wish everyone a Blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

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