Friday, January 28, 2011


 I've been blog hopping and noticing many crafters who are using vintage and antique images on their cards, notes and all lovely things.  So I decided to check my antique books from the Thrift stores.

This photo is the cover to a 1928 Fish Cookbook.  It was well used and well-loved.  The illustration is delightful.   Sorry, but my camera is old and I couldn't get a better photo.

This is a page from a children's French book that I also found in one of my favorite Thrift stores.  There are only a few illustrations, but there's also a few songs in French.  This is one of the sweetest.  On my list of the many things I want to do is incorporate my vintage illustrations in some paper crafting creations.

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MOLLYE said...

Hi That is a great book cover. Which thrist stores do you love the most?

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