Friday, February 18, 2011

If only He Could Use a Hammer!

  Last month I decided I had to do something with my "Craft Studio," which was only the extra bedroom stuffed with storage boxes full of my stuff.  I did have a table with my computer and printer.  The lack of organization was making me nutty!

Since this is the wonderful time that furniture goes on sale, I got two bookcases and a desk with hutch.   Of course everything came in boxes, and it all had to be "constructed."    So my wonderful brother-in-law and my sister helped me get the boxes to the house and put the pieces together.    We're all kind of Old, so it wasn't like 30 or even 40 year-olds doing it.

I just kept wishing that Beaux the cat would magically do the work,  like those fairies in a Grimm's fairy tale.  Instead, I awoke each morning to find him happily nested on the unfinished desk.'s all completed.   I can actually find my craft items and do most of my crafting in this room. 

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Terri said...

Great furniture glad you were able to get it on sale. Will we see it all set up and filled with your supplies?
Hope so.
Also...Thanks for the visit and lovely comment on my blog...I revised the post to be a little more clear that I taught the earring class.