Saturday, February 12, 2011

A-B-C Fun

My  friend Petite Michelle Louise  posted this on her blog and it was so much fun to read.  She also challenged us to write our own life alphabet.  So here goes.
Age:    I'll just say I'm older than You.  I don't qualify for Medicare, yet.   (isn't that a nice way to avoid a question?).
Bed size:     “Full"    My guests get the grownups' bed. 
Chore you hate:  Cooking,  followed by ironing.
Dogs:    None.  I love dogs.  Unfortunately I'm deathly allergic to fleas and the monthly flea treatments don't totally eliminate them.  I have two Cats (Oh noooo.....I've becoming a cliche!)
Essential start to your day:  Two extra-strength Tylenol and a Diet Coke.  (now I'm really getting depressed)
Favorite color:   Blue, followed by all the others, with yellow being last on the list.
Gold or Silver:  Gold, please!
Height:  4'11"  (can't help it, I was born this way)   I actually had a Cardiologist ask me "were you always this tall?"     Scary, no?
Instruments you play:     None.    Uh.... Does clicking two spoons together count?  Then it's "One."
Job title:   Sister, Auntie, Great-Auntie, Sweetie,  Friend, Pet Slave (often called "Pet Owner" by people who don't have them), and happily retired Human Resources Manager and Training Administrator  for the Dept of Navy.
Kids:   None.  (Not by choice but life takes certain unpreventable turns)
Live:    Yep.  Last time I checked, I had a pulse.   Oh, you mean residence?   The State of Louisiana.   More often the "State of Confusion."
Mom’s name:    Rosemary.   
Nicknames:   Angie,  Ang,   Auntie,  and   "Meow" (by my co-residents)
Overnight hospital stays: 1. Hysterectomy (I had Endometroisis).  (2)  Gallbladder removal (the surgeon said it would barely hurt.....the dirty dog!)
Pet peeve:    Really big trucks and SUV's that try to bully my little Honda  (too much like my childhood).  Most of them play nice though!
Quote from a movie:    "There's no Place like Home"  (Dorothy. in the Wizard of Oz), and "Take Your Stinkin Paws off Me You Dirty Ape!"  (Charlton Heston, in Planet of the Apes).
Righty or Lefty: Righty...
Siblings:  Two sisters, 1 older and 1 younger.  .  I am truly a  “middle child.”
Time you wake up:    I've always been an Early Bird, but there's no specific time now.  I just can't be in bed when the sun's up.
Vegetables you dislike:  Lima Beans.  Mom made us eat them, and I swear the suckers got bigger when I put one in my mouth!
What makes you run late:     Can't's more like a "toddle."  (Oh, you're speaking metaphorically).   Trying to finish the last details on a craft item, and visiting other Blogs. 
X-rays you’ve had:     So many I could glow in the dark!
Yummy food you make:    Uh....Me.....Cook something Yummy?   Are cookies and candy legitimately called "food?"   I make a tantalizing Pecan Praline and very good Divinity.   I love to bake and decorate cookies that are not the usual run of the mill.    As far as real food goes,  I can cook the basics. 
Zoo animal favorite.  I truly love all Zoo animals and they love me.  The Lions and Tigers especially seem to drool when I'm around.   Even though I read that they pick out the smallest and slowest of a herd when they're searching for food,  I think they really, really like me!
Want to write your own?  Just go to, click, paste and add your own comments.  It's easy and fun.   If you do, please let me know so I can visit you too.


Cindy Adkins said...

Aww, Angie, how cute!!! And I love the "meow" from the kitties--how adorable!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh "ang"...soo happy you joined in on the fun. what fun for ME to get to read someone else's! we have a lot in common i can see! you are very witty my dear! made me smile. thanks for that! :)

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