Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello....I am Angie's Brain

Hello there.  I want to introduce myself.  I am Angie's Brain.  She is also known to bloggers as "MeriScrapper13." ( Believe me, I was not around  when she chose that silly name for her blog!)

I try to keep Angie on a creative path, but right now she'd rather  "Garden" as she calls it.

It's not entirely her fault.  To be creative, she has to visit my right side.  Unfortunately, that's  a part of me that was conked in a  failed tree-climbing mishap.  After that  event, her Mom denied my existance completely!

 If you think I've been damaged through the should talk to Angie's Body!   (but that's another story).

We hope your brain will act kindly toward her.  We're older than you and not so quick to get in gear to "create" stuff.  She blames it all on me!   We'll get together soon and make something, I promise.

Until then, we both wish you and your's a happy weekend.


Junkin Gypsies said...

Hi Angie
Thank you so Much for Entering our Drawing and Posting it on your Blog!We are so Excited about our New Little Adventure and Welcome you as a Follower!
Come for a Visit again and We wish you Luck !
Happy Friday!
Jill & Lemay
Junkin Gypsies

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh how awesome, Angie!!! And I want to wish you a happy Louisiana weekend!!!

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