Thursday, May 12, 2011

My "Thrift Store" Craft Workspace

 This is my craft workspace.  It has Five items that came from my Thrift Store.  Can you spot them?  (Hint:  one is altered and another can be seen but is not so obvious).

Click on the photo to get a better view.  Then find the answers under my photo
Thrift Store purchases:
1.  The "Bienvenue" mirrored sign - brand new,  $1.50
2.  Lamp and shade - $1.75
3.  Clipboard, which I altered - 10 cents
4.  Long narrow basket - 25 cents
5.  Solid wood desk - $29

I would love to see your Thrift Store Work Area too.  Take a photo, post it and let me know!   
CONFESSIONS:  I cleaned it up a lot before taking the photo.  I also use the kitchen counter when I need more space.   ;=)


1 comment:

Sherry Edwards said...

You have some great bargains there - and it looks so wonderfully neat and polished too!

I have several charity shop purchases in my craft room too - mainly small wooden spice racks that I've painted and use for storing little bottles and the like. I think you may be able to see some on my last WOYWW post.

Thanks for sharing x

ps, nice ATCs ;)

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