Friday, May 6, 2011

Thrift Store Finds for $1 or less!

 I was thrilled to find this Toile fabric in perfect condition, 3 yards.....for 50 cents!!   Plus the following great deals.

This basket was used, and I bought it for $1.00.  I plan to paint and alter it a bit.

~~~~PLUS it also included

Two Terra Cotta Pots.  They just need a bit of cleaning.

These photos show what I bought for 75 cents.  A bag full of wood eggs and pieces to alter, plus lace, some little rosettes,


A little Apothecary Jar


Petite Michelle Louise said... many sweet thriftin finds there angie. loving those eggs (of course) and that carrier with the terra cotta pots.... so sweet!

Terri said...

Great finds Angie,one and all.
I especially like the glass jar.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Oh my gosh...the EGGS would have been my favorite..I believe.
I love going to our thrift shoppe many goodies to consider.
I love to look for Clip I can't wear the pieced kind.
Thank you for dropping back by. My BLOG was DELETED it said.....I about fainted !!!!
Wrote them and asked them WHY..and too ...the fact that I had just paid for MORE storage space on I never run out.
They seemed to take some stock in that fact...and restored it.

Grandma Bugs Place said...

Great treasures. My sis and I like to go "junkin" as I call it. I got a new easter basket for $1, new grass for 10 cents! An old camera for $14..worth it for sure. My Sis and her daughter find so many great finds but then they go all the time. Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing what beauties you make out of all that. Nice fabric for sure!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Wonderful finds,Angie!!!

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