Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Sweet Song for You on Mother's Day

The little French song you hear in the background has the loveliest lyrics that I've decided to post them here.  They're perfect for Mother's Day.  A special "Thank You" to all Mothers and all Women who have lovingly cared for a child.  

Taking a Child by the hand
Teaching him just how to stand
So he'll accept what tomorrow will bring
Taking a Child for a King

Taking a Child in your Arms
And as you feel your Heart sing
Drying his tears as you're letting him cling
Taking a Child for a King

Taking a Child in  your Heart
Soothing away his Distress
Softly in silence to soothe and caress
Taking a Child to your Heart

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Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Angie,
Happy Mother's Day! You just won the Tea Time Tag on my blog! Congratulations! Can you email me your address? I'll mail it right out to you (from da