Sunday, November 28, 2010


Did I say I would post photos as soon as I had my camera connected??  Nix that! 

I tried to set up my camera software in this computer and it immediately let me know that they aren't talking to each other.  My computer has a snobby, uppity Windows 7 operating system that doesn't acknowledge my camera software which was made a mere 5 years ago and has Windows XL or yz or whatever the heck it told me. 

Same thing with my printer which I should have figured out.   Stupid me, I have two new color cartridges which will probably not work with the new printer that I will have to get.

While I do love having a computer and the internet with all the wonderful worlds it opens to me.  I absolutely HATE the complex and Expensive issues that comes from having these things in my home.  This also comes from being a senior citizen (when did that happen??).    It's a love/hate relationship. 

Okay, I vented.   Feel better.  

Now I'll just go to Hobby Lobby's website and print coupons..........Oh shucks!! 

Have a good week everyone.  Later Gator!

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