Thursday, December 2, 2010



I joined a Christmas Charm Swap with Kathy on "My Scrap Room" site. For this swap we had to make two charms with a Christmas theme.  

I came up with one silver and one gold tone set of charms.  The silver one has a large charm with Santa in his sleigh.  I added a tree and stocking charm and each has it's own clasp.  The gold tone charm has a Christmas stocking.

These aren't due until January 17th, so they'll be usable for next Christmas.   I'm really looking forward to what I get from my swap members.  There's Kathy (Canada) and a lady from Australia.  I think the rest are from the U.S.  It just adds to the interest. 

If you're interested in these swaps,  they're at

That's it for now.............Later Gator!

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Kathy said...

Angie these charms are gorgeous!!! Love them! The ladies will be so happy with them! Thanks for joining my swap! TFS! kathy aka canadianscrappergirl

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